Adorable pictures of mamas and their babies

Adorable pictures of mamas and their babies

In celebration of Mother’s Day, here are some of the cutest mother and child pairs in the animal kingdom!

  1. Ring-tailed lemur mamas will carry their babies around on their back or their chest.

Ring tailed lemur mother and baby

2. Mallard mamas need to keep their ducklings warm for the first few days, as they get cold too easily.

Mallard duck mother and babies

3. Merino Sheep mamas have an instant bond with their babies and get very distressed, should they be separated.

Merino sheep mother and baby

4. Leopard mamas will spend around 18 months teaching their babies everything they know.

Leopard mother and baby

5. Orangutan mamas receive frequent visits from their babies, even after they gain independence.

Orangutan mother and baby

6. Lion mamas will fight male lions to their death, in order to protect their cubs.

Lioness with baby

7. Golden lion tamarin mamas will carry their babies on their back for around 5 weeks.

Golden lion tamarin monkey mother and babies

8. Swan mamas keep their babies cozy by letting them sleep under her wings.

9. Zebra mamas will keep their babies close to them at all times to ensure their safety.


10. Polar Bear mamas teach their babies how to survive for 2 years before they are ready to fend for themselves.

11. Hippo mamas and their babies are known to groom each other, nuzzle and cuddle together.

12. Cow mamas have been known to hide their calves when dairy farmers turn up to take them away.

So it’s not just us humans that love and protect their young! Happy mothers day to all mothers, great and small.

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