Peta Just Trolled The Heck Out Of Trolls

Peta Just Trolled The Heck Out Of Trolls

It may come as a surprise but Peta WANTED people to troll them

So in case you missed it, Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recently tweeted “Present your best argument for eating bacon” and as expected they got THOUSANDS of replies, predominantly from people expressing how much they love bacon. I’ve since seen a few articles pop up with headlines implying Peta instantly regretted their decision but, did they?…

Think about it, do you really think Peta, one of the largest most well known animal organisations in the world, triggered thousands of self proclaimed ‘bacon lovers’ by mistake? Of course they didn’t. They’ve just got themselves shared all over the internet again with one tweet so really, it’s nothing short of genius. With each reply, share or article about it, the animal rights message is being shared right along with it. However, I am reading the comments on some of the articles and it seems all these bacon lovers are blissfully unaware that Peta just used them to gain exposure which, to be honest, is quite amusing.

So whilst I don’t necessarily want to see people raving about a cancer causing product that requires the death of an innocent animal, I see why Peta did this. One of the first things I did when I saw the first article about it was go on Twitter and search for Peta and I’m sure I’m not the only one. As I was scrolling through to find the controversial Tweet, I was seeing video after video of how pigs are mistreated, such as Bacon in Reverse and there were also many other animal cruelty issues that need to be addressed in their feed, as well as vegan recipes and products that could easily become pork alternatives. So no, Peta did not “fail” or get the response they “didn’t want” in the slightest. They got exactly what they wanted and you all helped that happen! So never thought I would say this as an animal lover but… Thank you bacon trolls for the free publicity.

There’s also another point to be made about the responses and it boils down to the “reason” they gave. Whilst I appreciate there were many witty variations out there, all they come up with was the same old chestnut – they like bacon. I didn’t see any other reasons floating around, did you? Yet on Peta’s twitter page right now, they’ve got multiple reasons why people shouldn’t eat bacon.

So I take my hat off to you on this occasion Peta, you managed to raise awareness for pigs, share the dangers of processed meat and troll bacon trolls like a pro, all with one simple tweet.


If you’re interested in becoming vegan, there are many resources out there to help you and it’ll be the best thing you ever do! Just google “vegan recipes” or “how to go vegan” and go crazy. If you’d rather, there are plenty of vegan YouTubers out there providing information; Of course who you like will depend on what style you’re after but some of my personal faves are James Aspey, Bite Size Vegan and Earthling Ed. There is also a ton of vegan discussion groups on Facebook you could check out and feel free to reach out to us at GlassBrick too, always down to help out!

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