Hi, my name is Jenny and I am the face behind GlassBrickCo. Having worked closely with animals for almost a decade, I finally found my true calling when I became vegan, four years ago. It presented me with a purpose I would not previously have considered and that purpose was to advocate for all animals to be free from harm. Prior to becoming vegan, I had been vegetarian for a number of years and during this time, I believed I was causing little harm. As I became more and more invested in dedicating my life to animals, I began to question other industries profiting from animals and started to uncover a hidden world, to which I had never before paid a second thought.

How had I managed to inhabit this earth for 26 years, without knowing about the suffering I was causing every time I spent my money? I genuinely had no idea that the meat industry I was proudly not contributing to, was a drop in the ocean, when it came to how many ways humans have been enslaving, exploiting and killing animals by the billions.

GlassBrick is my way of providing information on the vast variety of industries relying on animal cruelty and killing, to those who may not yet be aware. When I was living as a vegetarian, I didn’t have the knowledge on these industries and was therefore doing nothing to stand against it. Here at GlassBrick, we don’t want anyone else making the same mistake. By making information more accessible, we hope more people will begin to speak up for the animals and for our planet.

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I’ve lived in Connecticut with my husband since 2013 but was born and raised in the UK. I have 2 dogs (Mahli, 3 & Juno, 9) and a cat (Toby, 4) who will no doubt make appearances here from time to time.

When I’m not writing or researching, I love drawing and making pieces of art to decorate my house. I will take any opportunity to see live music, no matter the genre and I think the best way to spend a weekend is taking road trips and watching horror movies. I love cooking now I have so many new and exciting foods to play around with and also love visiting local vegan spots to see what they have to offer!